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Using Copious Coupons

How to use online coupons
Online coupons come in two forms: discount codes and discount links. A discount code is a specific code that can be used during checkout to receive the stated discount. To use a discount code, perform the following steps:
  1. Click on either the discount code link ("Get Code") or the retailer link.
  2. The retailer website will appear in a new browser. A second window will open to display the coupon code. Shop as you normally would on the retailer's site.
  3. During the checkout process there will be a place to enter the discount code found from the Copious Coupons window. Enter the code, exactly as it appears, in the space provided.
  4. Continue with your checkout and the discount should appear.

A discount link is a link to a specific part of a retailer's site that provides the user with a special discount. To use a discount link, simply click on the discount code link ("Get code"). The specific page of the retailer's website will appear in a new browser. Follow the instructions, if any, to receive your discount.

That's it. It is just that simple to save money by using online coupons.

Why do I have to click on a link to see the coupon code?
In short, clicking on the link to obtain the coupon code notifies the retailer that you were referred by this site (when their site appears in a new window). If you make a purchase from them during your visit, this will result in a small referral fee being paid to Copious Coupons. These fees support the monthly costs of running this site, and allow us to provide these coupon codes to you free of charge.

How to use the coupon filter
Finding the coupons you are looking for on Copious Coupons is simplified through the use of the coupon filter. The filter can be used to filter the list of all the coupons, using the criteria that you specify. For example, suppose that you only wanted to see the coupons that related to electronics. To do so, go to the Category drop down list and select "Electronics". The coupons will then be filtered, without reloading the page, to display only those coupons that apply to electronics purchases.

Now, what if you wanted to see all coupons that pertain to electronics for a given retailer? To do this, you simply use a combination of two filter criteria. Select electronics from the Category drop down list, as before. Now, either type in the name of the retailer in the retailer text box, or select the retailer from the drop-down box. If any electronics coupons are available for that retailer, they will appear in the coupon list. It is quite possible, however, that no coupons will exist for the filter criteria that you have specified. In that case, a message will appear notifying you of that fact.

If you want to reset a given filter criteria, simply select All from the drop down box. In the case of the retailer text box, simply clear the text box and coupons for all retailers will be shown. To clear all of the filter criteria, simply click the "Reset Criteria" button.

Any number of filter criteria can be applied through the Coupon filter. It allows you to quickly and easily locate exactly the coupons that you are looking for.

How to sort coupons
The coupons can also be sorted by retailer name, category, discount, expiration date, or posted date. To sort by any of these columns, simply click on the column header. Doing so will sort the the coupons by that column in either ascending or descending order (represented by an up or down arrow respectively).

Clicking the header again will sort the coupons by that column in the opposite order.

This is a powerful tool that can be used in conjunction with the coupon filter to quickly identify the coupons that you are looking for. Sorting can be used to view which coupons are expiring soon, which coupons were recently posted, which deals provide the largest discount, or simply to view coupons alphabetized by retailer or category. As well, since all of the sorting and filtering is done client-side, you can spend your time finding the coupons you want, rather than watching the page reload.

How to go to the next/previous page of coupons
Since so many coupons are available, there are multiple pages that comprise the whole list. To navigate through the pages of coupons, simply use the navigation buttons below the coupon list. The number of pages of coupons is listed, as well as the current position in the list. Simply click on the buttons to: return to the start of the list (<<), go back one page (<), go forward one page (>), or go to the end of the list (>>).

To go to a specific page in the list, simply enter the desired page in the box below the navigation buttons. Press the "Go to Page" button to go to that page.

How do I change the size of the text on this site?
If the font size is too small or too large for your liking, you can change it through Internet Explorer. Under View->Text Size, you can change the size of the text on this site. The site was designed for use with the "Medium" text setting, although individual users may prefer other settings.

How do I know that the coupon has been applied?
Almost all sites will display the discount applied to your order before final submission. If the discount is not displayed, we recommend against submitting your order. It is quite possible that the coupon has been pulled for one reason or another, as outlined below.

Why doesn't the coupon work?
A coupon may not work for several different reasons. First, make sure that the coupon is entered exactly as it is shown on this site. Often, coupon codes are case sensitive and any deviation from the code results in it being rejected. Second, make sure that your order meets the terms and conditions of the coupon. Most coupons have terms and conditions that limit the use to those customers who purchase a certain amount, or are first time customers.

If you have checked both of these items and the coupon still doesn't work, it may be due to one of several factors. First, the coupon may have expired since it was originally checked. Retailers sometimes change the expiration date for a coupon depending on the response to it. If you see a deal that you would like to take advantage of, we recommend that you use the coupon as soon as possible. Second, retailers also may pull a coupon at any time, or modify the conditions of the coupon (like lowering the discount, or raising the purchase amount).

What do I do if a coupon doesn't work?
If you find that a coupon does not work, please contact us and let us know of the problem. We will check the coupon for errors and update it or remove it from our site.

What do I do if I have a problem with an order?
If you have a problem with an order, contact the retailer directly. Copious Coupons is not responsible for any problems that you may have with a given order or retailer. See our terms and conditions for more details.

How often are new deals added?
New deals are posted everyday throughout the day. Typically, 10 to 20 new deals are added daily. You can see the deals that have been added today by selecting "New Today" from the posted date filter criteria.

How can I suggest a new deal to be posted?
If you have a deal that is not listed on our site, you can suggest it to us by following the Contact Us link. Simply select "New coupon not listed" as the category and fill in the details of the coupon in the message area, including the coupon code, the discount amount, the expiration date, and any restrictions that may apply.

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