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Problems With Codes Not Appearing

This section will cover two sets of possible problems that you may be experiencing:

1) Merchant names or coupon code ("Get Code") links not appearing
2) Coupon codes not appearing when the "Get Code" link is clicked.

If you have other problems with the site (load time, coupons not working, etc.), please let us know. Instructions on how to use the site are provided here.

First, please note that a change has now been made to the site. When you click the "Get Code" link, the text "Get Code" will now change to display the coupon code. A popup window will still appear with the code, but this change should alleviate some of the problems encountered by users with popup blockers or toolbars (as described below).

Merchant Names and "Get Code" links not appearing (Norton Internet Security/Firewall Users):

The 2004 version of Norton Internet Security (and Norton Firewall) has an advanced Ad Blocker. This blocker processes the page, before it is displayed to you, and removes any links that it considers advertisements. Since this site uses affiliate links, Norton Internet Security will automatically remove those links before they are displayed, resulting in a removal of the merchant name links and the "Get Code" links that allow you to access the coupon codes. However, this problem is easily fixed. To be able to view the offers that Copious Coupons provides, follow these steps:

  1. Open Norton Internet Security, select the Ad Blocking Utility and click Configure:

  2. Click the Advanced button:

  3. Click the "Add Site" button:

  4. Add Copious Coupons "" in the text box and click the "Ok" button:

  5. Highlight in the left hand list, and click the "Add" button:

  6. Click the "Permit" radio button, type the letter "i" in the text box and click the "Ok" button:

  7. Click on all the remaining "Ok" buttons to apply the changes. Once done, you will have to reload the Copious Coupons page for the changes to take effect.

Coupon codes not appearing when "Get Code" link clicked:

Popup Windows:
This site uses popup windows to provide the coupon codes. When you click on the "Get Code" link, two things will happen: 1) a new browser will appear with the retailer site and 2) a popup window will appear with the coupon code in it. If the popup window is not appearing with the coupon code, it is usually due to some sort of popup blocking utility of either a toolbar, a program on your computer, or your browser.

If you have a popup blocker installed:
Most popup blockers allow you to unblock certain sites. In order to view the coupon codes that Copious Coupons provides, you will have to unblock Copious Coupons. Please note that Copious Coupons does not send any popup ads to your computer. If you see any popup ads after leaving our site, please know that they are not from us. We hate popup ads too, and will never subject any of our users to them. We only use popup windows to provide you with coupon codes that you request by clicking on a "Get Code" link.

There are a large number of popup blocking programs in use, and it would be impossible to list the instructions on how to unblock Copious Coupons for all of them. However, we will attempt to outline ways to unblock Copious Coupons in some of the popup blocking software/toolbars that we are aware of:

Google Toolbar

The newest version of the Google toolbar includes a Popup blocker. In general, this is a good utility, since it prevents the user from being bombarded with popup ads that they don't care to see.

However, in order to view the coupon codes provided by Copious Coupons, the popup blocker must be set to allow popups on this site. To allow pop-up windows on this site only, simply click the popup blocker icon in the toolbar:

After clicking the button, popup windows will be allowed only for this site ( Coupon codes will now be visible in a popup window when you click the "Get Code" links.

Alexa Toolbar

The Alexa toolbar also has a pop-up blocker. When you click on the "Get Code" link, the pop up blocker will appear. Simply click on "Allow Popup" and check the box "don't ask me again for this website", and the codes should appear.


Simply select the "Filter" tab and then hit the "Add" button. Enter the domain name: "" and leave all the block options unchecked. The AdSubtract website provides an illustration of unblocking a website .

We promise that popup windows on this site will only be used to provide the coupon codes that you wish to see. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

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